Alan Ritchson Looks Hotter As A Human Not A Turtle, Snaps Selfies With Fans At ‘TMNT’ LA Premiere

August 5th, 2014 // Leave a Comment

Alan Ritchson sure does look much hotter when he is not a giant CGI mutant turtle.

The actor gave his fans some love while posing for selfies at the LA premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on Sunday.  He was also snapped goofing off with Megan Fox who stars as April O’Neil.  Alan, who plays Raphael, rocked his characters color in a black suit with a bright red shirt.  

The beloved 90′s cartoon series finally got the big screen treatment and I have to say I am actually excited about this movie.  It reminds me of my childhood because lets be honest, every 90′s kid watched Ninja Turtles, played the games, or read the comics. TMNT has been filming since last year so I can’t wait to see it actually come to life.

The movie looks pretty action packed and Paramount Pictures just released new featurettes to create even more excitement for the film.

This definitely is a must see summer movie.  It seems like a more adult version of the cartoon for fans who grew up with the series.

The flick hits theaters Friday, until then launch the gallery to see more turtle fun from the TMNT premiere!

By Candice Brock

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