Alan Ritchson Dishes On ‘Blue Mountain State’

Rising star Alan Ritchson talked about his newly found fame on Spike TVs new hit show Blue Mountain State. The series focuses on a completely wild college football team, with Ritchson as their raucous leader and team captain Thad Castle.

“The antics I get away with,” Ritchson says of the role. “Stuff you can’t get away with in real life.” Like walking around shirtless most of the time?

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However, the gorgeous actor said he has little in common with the athlete character he plays.
“He was the people that I grew up around — all the douchebags in school that would pick on people,” says Ritchson, who in fact never even finished high school, starting a modeling career instead (who’d figure, right?).
He also admitted having a little bit of a crush on one of his sexy co-stars…Denise Richards!

“Our show is fun,” he says. “It’s racy. It definitely has a great audience. Our fans are amazing. But to have someone like Denise Richards? It was kind of a cool moment for us.”