Alan Ball Dishes On ‘True Blood’ Scoop During The Summer TCA Tour

True Blood’s Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and creator Alan Ball spoke during the HBO portion of the 2011 Summer TCA Tour at the Beverly Hilton yesterday.  While Ball did admit that Paquin and Moyer did a great job of keeping their relationship under wraps for a bit, he turned to them to add “Not as long as you thought.”

According to E!, Ball discussed how that “creepy doll” comes into play.  “I had no idea where that was going to go [when we first showed the doll],” Ball said. “And now creepy baby doll has found its way to creepy baby. They’re teamed up now. There’s something going on between those two, I can tell you that.”

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And we may find out out Pam was made, since Ball told the audience that we’ll see the history of one of the vampires in season five, should the series get renewed (Kristin Bauer said at Comic Con that she really wants to see how Eric made Pam).  Something else we’re really looking forward to: “Kristin’s got [a line] coming up that is possibly the greatest line of all time,” Ball said.