Al Reynolds’ Manhunt Ad Mistaken For UnderArmour Advertisement

June 2nd, 2008 // 2 Comments

A recent photo of gay divorcee Al Reynolds in UnderArmour boxer briefs and little else lead to rumors that he had been signed to a modeling campaign for the sports gear company. Several websites stated that Al would be modeling a “30 piece line” for Summer 2008. UnderArmour makes buttplugs? Anyway, UnderArmour couldn’t distance themselves from Star Jones’ former stylist, I mean husband, fast enough.

“I wanted to clarify what has been reported. Al Reynolds is not a spokesperson for Under Armour, nor is there any business relationship of any kind between the Under Armour brand and Al Reynolds,” UnderArmour rep Tai Foster said. Not that I think Al Reynolds needs more free swag thrown at him, but damn, someone sounds like they don’t want a queen in their drawers. Honey, 1/2 your clientele is gay! I own a pair!

“Don’t try to make a shirtless picture something it’s not – that’s my comment,” Reynolds’ rep (wrap?) Howard Bragman said. I didn’t, that’s totally his online personal ad. Trust me when I say that it says “pnp, fisting, no brown or yellow, and can travel if airfare provided” under that picture online.

By J. Harvey

  1. Tom

    That is not Al Reynolds! He slightly resembles him but it’s not him!

  2. b.SL

    LOL- Under Armour sponsors the Army, so they had to clear that up, & fast. They know macho soldiers may shower together because they have to, but they ARE NOT GAY, no sir! (of course, lesbian soldiers are hot *rolls eyes)
    ANd I agree with Tom- Gay Al WISHES that were him.

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