Excellent Move: Airline Launches Kid-Free ‘Quiet Zone’

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Children can be adorable.  Children can also be unruly, unreasonable and stinky.  When this happens on an airplane, things can get…unpleasant.

AirAsia X announced that beginning this week, children under 12 are banned from the first seven rows on flights to China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Australia and Nepal.  According to CNN, the airline’s press release describe this new rollout as a  “heavenly package for those who want peace of mind.”

For the extra cost (between $11 and $36) passengers in this sectioned-off zone can enjoy softer lighting and less hobbledy hoy from the hoi polloi, thanks to it being sectioned off from the rest of the plane by toilets and bulkheads. 

Inquiring minds want to know: Can’t you still hear some rugrats?

Airfarewatchdog.com founder George Hobica likened this move to the in-flight smoking ban.

“If you were just one row away from the smoking section, you still got the smoke,” Hobica told NBC News. “And you’ll still hear the screams … if a child has strong lungs.”

AirAsia’s CEO insists that the airline isn’t “banning” kids from flying, they just making it more pleasant for other passengers.  Plus, the company is adding more room for bassinets in two other economy sections.

Hey new moms: This isn’t an open invitation to change your kid’s diaper in said sections.

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