Ain’t ‘Mad’ At Ya: Jon Hamm Did Porn

Jon Hamm, seen here at the premiere of The Town in Boston, has come clean with his past in the porn industry. Sadly, it was never in front of the cameras. He worked as a set dresser in the late 90s on many a porno film shoot.

“You gotta move cameras around, and ashtrays; and continuity is apparently an issue,” Hamm explained to the UK Guardian. He said that it was his current girlfriend, Jennifer Westfeldt, who got him out of the biz and saved him with a part in a play in NYC.

“I borrowed money for a ticket and lived in New York for six weeks on about $300, stayed on a friend’s couch, roller-bladed everywhere,” he added.

Their relationship has been going on for more than a decade and she may have totally prevented us from ever seeing Hamm’s ham and, thankfully, launched him on the beginning of his career that has made him what he is today.