AHHHH! What Has Happened To Jocelyn Wildenstein?

April 20th, 2006 // 32 Comments

I choked on my coffee when I saw this photo. She’s now utterly hideous.

(Thanks L.C.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. SuperCath

    She’s always been utterly hideous actually…
    But I have to agree : this time, it’s even worse!

  2. Nina

    Too many face lifts, not enough lipo

  3. lzornow

    ever see a before picture, she was a cute little housewife! Actually very pretty.

  4. tia

    Hey she looks like DocNemisis. LOL im just kidding baby you know this ignorant marketing twat who you wish worked at Mcdonalds and served you fries loves you … Muah !! You are such a sexy beast.

  5. hohum

    She looks a little like Jessica Simpson in ten years.

  6. kate

    nah… now she’s a fat cat.

  7. Santa Angelina

    Looks better than Chinnifer Maniston any day.

  8. stutteringveronica

    She’s gotten newer, more youthful (?) looking teeth, possibly to set off whatever has replumped her face. She’s added the delicate nuance of “corn-fed cousin-buggered maw-says-time ta-slop-the-hogs” to old “jungle cat on acid” look.
    Hey, I live in Oregon, I have no idea why I keep up on this baloney. Maybe it’s because the circus no longer brings the freak show along when it comes to town. Bleh.

  9. BDub

    Hey it’s Sloth’s mom!

  10. Mariana

    Is there an emoticon for a blood-curdling scream induced by abject terror?

  11. Why oh why oh why?

  12. DF

    Ruth, Ruth, Babyruth!

  13. Lynn

    I don’t think you could photoshop that badly! Her plastic surgeons should lose their licenses.

  14. Clint Howard

    Why is Janice Dickerson wearing a blonde wig?

  15. kim

    She’s NOW utterly hideous!?

  16. 2 Old 4 This

    – stutteringveronica

    LMAO – friggin’ brilliant!

  17. Perez Hilton

    I think she looks cute. She certainly makes me purr.
    F’off all you jealous haters.

  18. Maddyboy

    Meow Mix spokeswoman.

  19. missy

    she looks like a transgendered woman with a bad plastic surgeon

  20. DocNemesis

    Tia, please, I don’t dumpster dive for rotten fish. Keep the damn legs closed.

    Your marketing “skills” haven’t taught you much about identifying your target audience.


  21. Boo

    She looks like Melanie Griffith! Yikes.

  22. Katie

    They need a rehab center for plastic surgery addicts. Hey maybe Scientology will jump on this idea and expunge people of their alien controllers that make them mutilate themselves. Tom did say they can cure heroin addiction in 3 days so why not plastic surgey addiction also? Wildenstein might benefit if she recognizes the beauty of her inner thetan.

  23. Call Me

    Wasn’t she Cher’s kid in Mask?

  24. fairmaiden

    uhhhh scary… just sad and scary

  25. Tasannie

    At some point the weight of her head is going to snap her neck. That’ll be a look.

  26. whatyousay

    She could benefit from a face lift.

  27. booly


  28. No, you guys – that’s her little brother, Terri. They do everything together…

  29. King Smart Ian

    She looks like she needs some cosmetic surgery, if she’d be open to the idea

  30. Nicole

    The asshole surgeon that operated on this woman should be executed, no wait that’s too easy, as a karma payback, he should receive a baboon’s face transplant.

  31. Lynn

    LMAO!!!!!King Smart Ian – You are still and will always be “The King”!!!

  32. Tictac

    She looks like Joss Stone.

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