After Getting Surprise Married, Adam Brody Shows Off His Ring For The First Time

Adam & Leighton
Adam Brody and Leighton Meister go public!
We’re so celebrity obsessed that whenever someone famous manages to keep their life private, I’m very, very impressed.

Adam Brody was leaving a boxing gym today after what looks like a great workout (his new wife is one lucky girl), and was seen for the first time with his brand new wedding ring on his finger. Ah! I know we’ve already been talking about it, but seeing the actual ring makes Adam Brody’s marriage to Leighton Meester all that much more real! 

Adam and Leighton announced their engagement in November 2013, which wasn’t that long ago at all. Their engagement was a secret and sudden development in their relationship as far as the public was concerned, much like their marriage.

Adam and Leighton were said to have just gotten married during a private ceremony, so private that they couldn’t even be bothered to tell any of us about it before hand. As Stephanie from Full House would say, how rude!

I would be mad about it, but these two are just too cute for that. I’m glad they finally decided to tie the knot, whether we were all invited or not. Here’s wishing many years of happiness to the newlyweds! May you have a happier, longer relationship than many other celebrity couples we know.