After A Three Year Hiatus, Kate Moss Is Finally Launching Her Comeback Topshop Line

Did You Know?
Kate Moss has a secret social media account.
Ever since Kate Moss announced the coming of her new Topshop line, I’ve been incredibly excited to see it finally unveiled.

Mere days remain until the range is going to be on sale at the popular store.

Best of all is how she decided to describe her overall feelings towards the exciting endeavor.

Thrilled to be returning to the brand, she explained, “it feels like I’m back home working with Topshop.” Home is where the heart is, right? I’m assuming fashion, the industry she has immersed herself in for so many years, has really found a special place deep within her heart.

Following the announcement of the soon-to-be released line, Moss described where she found her inspiration for the clothing.

Almost a month ago, she shared that her own closet inspired her. Each and every piece is one that she would definitely wear. Just imagine wearing one of the dresses and then seeing the model wearing the exact piece in a magazine.

Check out our gallery for more of the fabulous model! Will you be running to the store to purchase the clothes? Let us know in the comments below!