The Ben Affleck Family Contend With Pushy New Yorkers

December 10th, 2007 // 8 Comments

What is happening here? Is this an autograph-seeking couple or are they having a fight and asked Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner to settle things? They’re probably asking for glass pipe money. The one on the right looks a little shifty. Here’s Ben Affleck and family rolling on the Upper West Side. Don’t they look very New York? And could little Violet look ANY cuter in her winter coat, owning the world? She’s like “Mom, I’m just gonna window shop. You and Daddy talk amongst yourselves. Sucka.” Ben has really flipped the script and slowed his roll as failed movie star. You start choosing roles wisely and make a kickass directing debut. That’s how you do it. He should phone up Nicole Kidman and impart some advice her way.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

By J. Harvey

  1. People dont notice them anymore? I think Ben is still cute.

  2. Michelle

    The girl on the right is his assistant.I don’t know who the other guy is ? Jennifer Garner should count her lucky stars.She’s got one hot huband and he’s talented to boot.And congradulations to Ben on winning those critic awards

  3. Violets Auntie

    Pushy New Yorkers?

    Agree, congrats to Ben on the many awards he just won! And to Jen for the good reviews on stage and for her work in “Juno.”

  4. Sharon

    They are SO boring. Never could figure out what the big deal about this blah blah couple is.

  5. FreakyZ

    That is the most cutest baby EVER!

  6. Ugh

    Ben’s legs are so skinny. I hate that.

  7. sara

    its seems everywhere you look they are pimping that baby.

    dont they ever stay home?

    and it seems that ben does better behind the camara then in front of it.

    and Jen is FUG she looks like a trannie

  8. Hey Cupcake

    Personally, I like JG (even though she stole Felicity’s boyfriend), and BA can hold his own. However, I gotta call the fashion police on this group. There is way too much black and (faux) fur involved. They look like some sort of bad-ass posse.

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