Adrienne Shelly’s Husband Expresses His Pride Of His Wife’s Last Performance

The untimely passing of Adrienne Shelly left her family with a huge loss that can obviously never be recovered. However, there is a legacy of Shelly’s work left behind to help them remember the talented actress and director, the most recent of which is her last film, “Waitress,” which premiered at Sundance on Sunday. Her husband, Andrew Ostroy spoke about the success of Shelly’s final filmic endeavor. From the New York Daily News:

Shelly was killed before learning that “Waitress” was accepted for Sundance, where hours after it premiered, it was purchased by Fox Searchlight Pictures.

“If Adrienne were alive, she would be amazingly proud and happy,” Ostroy said.

If I die tomorrow and all I have to show for it is these blogs, I’m going to be one pissed-off ghost. You can bet someone’s ass will be getting haunted.

And yes, I was just tacky enough to make that joke.

Shelly husband: She’d be proud [New York Daily News]

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