Adrienne Maloof Wants Out Of ‘The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills,’ Which Doesn’t Bode Well For Sean Stewart [PHOTOS]

Whether she’s suffering a mid-life crisis of her own, or just wants better seats at Rod Stewart concerts, Adrienne Maloof is dating the British singer’s son, Sean Stewart.  She is dating him, and he is young and kind of looks like a pirate.

According to OMG!,  The 32-year-old has a history of violence, alcohol and drug abuse, and loves himself some airtime on the television.

This is his Twitter profile: “The best quality about myself is my hair. I enjoy long walks on the beach…in a leopard speedo. ladies rarr.”

Gross.  So, Maloof is hitting that and making it public.  She and Stewart were at the Supper Club in Hollywood on February 11th.

This next bit of news might come as a total deal breaker for Stewart, since he’s all about reality tv (Celebrity Rehab, Sons Of Hollywood): Maloof wants out of Bravo’s The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

TMZ reports that Maloof doesn’t want to be part of the series anymore because it’s ruined her personal life.  Insiders tell the site that Maloof is actually trying to beat producers to the punch; She and Taylor Armstrong may be replaced by – wait for it – Stewart’s wife, Penny Lancaster and former Extra host Dayna Devon.