Adrian Grenier Still Working On His “Documentary”?

You know it’s just a smokescreen to get laid. And this one seems to have a fetish for the slags. Adrian Grenier has reportedly been hanging out with Lindsay Lohan. She was spotted at his New York City apartment last month, and they had dinner at the Polo Lounge together on Wednesday night. Adrian has been working on a documentary about celebrity and paparazzi.

At least that was the excuse for his weird tryst with Paris Hilton last summer. He was showing up at her house at weird hours and obviously not there to A) work on a “documentary or B) check the hot water heater. Ugh. Hopefully, Adrian is aware that his newest ladypal just had a sex marathon with the entire Isle of Capri. For real, there’s like a monument or something dedicated to her. Wait for the lab results, Adrian!

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online/WENN

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online/WENN