Adrien Brody’s Low-Rise Shirt Reveals Man Cleavage

I’m not sure that “stylish” is the word that comes to mind when face-to-face with the outfit that super-skinny actor Adrien Brody chose to wear at the 2009 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week BOSS Orange Fashion Show.

Sporting a hefty amount of man-cleavage, the Oscar winner paired a low-cut light blue, striped top with a bright red cravat. Topping off his messy dark hair was a straw hat and a self-satisfied look on his face.

Good for Adrien for being so confident about his body, but I’m just really feeling appreciative that he’s concealed his nipples. For some reason, I’m just not in the mood for the whole “sexy scarecrow” look.

Gallery Info: Adrien Brody shows off his man cleavage at the BOSS Orange Fashion Show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, Germany.