Adrien Brody Poses With His Creature At ‘Splice’ Premiere

That sweet looking lady in lavender is half human, at least in Splice she is. The sci-fi horror flick about semi-human cloning premiered in Los Angeles yesterday (June 2) with a black carpet to welcome the cast and their friends.

The film’s star Adrien Brody didn’t take his possible undercover lover (thus the possible and the undercover part) and opted for Robert Downey Jr. as a date.

Delphine Caheac is the creature in the film, the human/animal DNA creation, but in reality she is a lovely lady with a sweet smile. She graced the black carpet in a soft lavender pleated dress and with what looks like the special edition creature plushie. The other female star of the film, Sarah Polley was no where to be seen.

Kenny G must have picked up an invite at Joel Silver’s Memorial Day beach party unless he plays a half man half Sam Eagle. I don’t think Simon Rex is in the movie, but then I’m not sure why he came, because he looks like he would rather be getting his teeth drilled.

Click through the gallery to see Guillermo del Toro cuddle with the creature and Mehcad Brooks stand around and be hot (CK underwear model who is not Kellan Lutz). Then check out the trailer for the movie after the jump.