Adrien Brody Is Haunted By Goat Sex

Adrien Brody is suffering from some post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing a brutal goat rape…yes, you heard me: goat rape.

The accomplished actor’s ex-girlfriend once convinced him to buy some goats as pets (um, what? Guess that’s what it’s ex, right?). The actor has a NY state farm. However, the goats turned out to both be males with some, um, aggressive behavior.

 “The more well-endowed goat took a liking to the other one
and I swear it was traumatic,” Brody said, pictured in Cannes on May 19. “There was a lot of crying and goat noises
and I felt incredibly guilty and I didn’t know what to do. I had
homosexual goats.”
From then on, it was just roosters and chickens for this eccentric actor!