Adriana Lima Dishes On Victoria’s Real Secrets

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima who has been busily promoting the brand’s new fragrance “Bombshell” opened up about what it’s like to be known the world over as an Angel.

get recognized a lot more than I used to. As a model, you are
transformed for each photo shoot so people don’t realize it’s you when
you are dressed down or with little makeup on,” Lima said, pictured at the VS store in Aventura, Florida. “Now people see me on the street and know my name.”

She nixed a few rumors while she was at too. Do all those models just stay naturally pin-thin? Nope, she says, it takes some hard work!

work out nearly every day. Especially after I had [daughter Valentina], I really wanted to focus on being healthy and being
good to my body.” OK, but let’s just admit winning the genetic lottery definitely helps too.

And how about those catty models: any drama? She says there’s nothing of the sort.

all get along really well. When you work 14 hour days together, you can
get into personal conversations and have fun. We have to feel
comfortable to stand next to each other and play off each other for the