Adriana Lima Is Naked

Here’s Adriana Lima’s nude body barely disguised by sand, palm fronds, crashing waves, a tiny loincloth, and some artfully placed split ends. These are snaps from her GQ photo shoot. It’s like The Blue Lagoon, but without a tour de force performance from Brooke Shields.

In the palm frond picture, I think I see the line of a clear g-string but then I also notice that I can see WAY more of her triangular mystery than I need to. So if it’s a g-string, it’s the tiniest g-string ever. The Atom would be like “yeah, that’s not covering my junk.” I just used a comic book character to demonstrate supermodel g-string size. Only a gay nerd could mess up the beauty of this photo shoot.

More of Adriana Lima’s nude self after the jump.