Adriana Lima Talks Victoria’s Secret Bra, Spends Summer In Bikini

Oh Adriana Lima, you know just how to pout them lips to make us run out and buy bras so we can pout our lips just like you! Fashion Etc talked with the Victoria’s Secret model at a celebration in New York City for the new Showstopper bra.

Lima told the website, “It shows nothing but your shape and provides no-show coverage right where you need it.” Now, do you think she came up with that? Apparently this Showstopper is supposed to be fantastic. Do any of you own it? Thoughts? I need opinions! I’ve already got Adriana Lima’s but I need more. If only all the other Angels were there to tell me what is sexy!

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Out of all the outfits, Adriana’s favorite is her beach wear, “A bikini—it’s all I wear in Miami!” Oh believe us Adriana, we are well aware of your fondness for bikinis. There was the animal print one you wore recently, the black one you wore a few days before that–you must have quite the collection madame.

Sadly, Adriana had to wear clothes for appearance promoting the Showstopper. I’m really digging the white dress. And thankfully she’s not wearing the pink bra under her clothes, cause then it would be that trashy thing of colorful bra under white outfit. Well done. Check out the gallery to see Adriana in all her pouty face, bra show-offing glory.