Adrian Grenier Turns The Tables On The Paparazzi

April 11th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

How’s this for ironic: the star of a hit show about the life of a celebrity turns it around and makes a film about the life of a paparazzi. Adrian Grenier directed his third film Teenage Paparazzo after seeing a 13-year-old among the crowd snapping his photo. The film premiered at the Gen Art Film Festival in New York City on April 10, and Alexis Bledel, Gretchen Mol and Evan Ferrante also attended.

“I think with
as with anything that you might initially judge, there’s a whole side
to it that you might not know,” the Entourage actor said. “Part of this movie is about sort of
bridging the gap
of ignorance and really learning about something that you’re not
familiar with, and that you might judge initially as a way to gain more
empathy and understanding and appreciation. So I think I discovered
that I can actually appreciate some of these guys.”

I’m always surprised by how down-to-earth Adrian Grenier can be. The good-looking do-gooder has my approval.

By Lola Robertson

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