Adrian Grenier Is Flirting With Disaster

August 13th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Telling some bim she can be in your documentary just so you can do her is normally a good move for a horny young lad. But not when the bim in question is ex-convict Paris Hilton. He could probably point a can of soup at her and make a charades-like camera rolling motion beside it and she’d spread. Anyway, Grenier appears to be hanging out with her lately, sans his doco camera. Heinous.

Adrian Grenier was spotted making a late-night visit to Paris Hilton’s beachside home last night — and though the ex-jailbird’s in the documentary Adrian is shooting these days, the cameras weren’t anywhere in sight.

Not the case with TMZ’s lenses, which were outside Hilton’s Malibu pad on Sunday night as P came home solo, wishing the paps a good night before disappearing inside. Moments later, another car pulled up to the driveway, carrying Adrian and his own entourage. The group seemed surprised by the number of photographers snapping their pics as they went into Hilton’s abode.

Sources say he left an hour and a half later. Wow, he’s a stud. It probably took her that long to tell him she was having a flare-up. Seriously, what’s the benefit of hanging out with her. You don’t want to explore that cavern without sending a canary down the mineshaft first. And the canary usually dies. Or asks for more Valtrex.

By J. Harvey

  1. ZeldaF

    Maybe Adrian has his own supply of Valtrex, so he doesn’t need to worry about Paris’ supply… What the hell kind of “documentary” is he filming? I’m really disappointed in him. Just when it seemed that we were being subjected to less Paris in the gossip blogs, here she comes again…… Just like the bad case of herpes she is.

  2. newfgirl

    It’s the age-old joke.

    Question: Why does a dog lick lick his balls? Answer: Because he can.

  3. newfgirl

    Ixnay on the double lick thing… have another home brewed Belgian beer, whydontcha??

  4. stolidog


  5. Lucky bastard.


  6. jen g

    yeah, adrian just dropped about 100 points in my book.

  7. fabiola

    oohh.. Adrian, you disappoint me , you just dropped about 500 points by hanging out with her

  8. fabiola

    oohh.. Adrian, you disappoint me , you just dropped about 500 points by hanging out with

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