Adorable: Royalist Terry Hutt Holds Vigil Outside Duchess Kate’s Hospital

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The Royal Wedding
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Bless your heart, Terry Hutt.  You’ve got flowers and cards for the Duchess of Cambridge, have you?

The 77-year-old royalist is a man after my own heart; He camped out in London four days ahead of William and Catherine’s wedding last year , and has spoken to Queen Elizabeth on many an occasion during her royal engagements.

“I met the Queen for the first time when I was 58,” Hutt told Cambridge News before the Duke and Duchess paid the area a visit. “I’d just retired and I decided I wanted to see what was going on, so I went to Clarence House.

“She [The Queen] knows me as the Union Jack man as I’m always dressed up in red, white and blue,” the grandfather and campaigner said with a laugh. “They’re my colours and she’ll always talk to me; we’ve talked about her mum before.” 

Hutt’s fascination with the royal family started with the Queen Mother, whom he met at just four years old.  “We met during the Blitz when she visited areas of North London,” Hutt recalled. “I’m one of 12 from a poor family and it was always embedded in to me how important it was that I’d met the Queen Mother.”

In addition to being a royalist, Hutt campaigns for several great causes, including homelessness, animal rights, public safety and pensioners rights.

“It’s a privilege to be around to help the good causes and I enjoy supporting people. Not everybody likes the Queen and the royal family but I’m here for anyone who wants help, what I do with my spare time is down to me.

“I just believe in helping other people.”