Adorable Kittens Learn Physics [VIDEO]

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Before watching this video, just imagine three adorable kittens playing with a Newton’s Cradle. Sounds super “aww” worthy, doesn’t it? Trust me, it is.

Now feel free to tune into the video.

Anyone who has cats, who has been around a cat knows that they’re really rambunctious and curious. If there’s something they can get into, they will find a way to get into it.

I really, really love how the little kitten to the far right continuously pulls back the little silver ball and lets it go. People always assume cats can’t really grab at much due to the lack of opposable thumbs. Videos like this prove we’re incorrect.

Check out the three cuties enjoying their new toy! It almost seems like as if the most enthusiastic one (look right) is trying to hit the kitten to the far left in the head with the balls.

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