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June 20th, 2005 // 9 Comments

We’ve received a little makeover. We’re hoping you like. We’ll still have the same snarky commentary and celebrity photos with hopefully a few less spelling and punctuation errors. We’ve also hired a new crop of interns, whom you’ll be meeting over the next few weeks.

Thanks to Rob Mientjes for the design, Michael P for the implementation, and Belvedere vodka for keeping me liquored up during the whole process.

A Socialite’s Life can also be read with full posts in sydication. Your flavors are Atom and RSS 2.0.

Ladies and gentlemen, gossip is served.

(If the site is not loading properly, clear your browser’s cache, and restart browser.)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ella

    Loves It!

  2. don'tlikeit

    sorry, but I don’t like it….
    I liked the old site better. It was easier to read and just seemed “cleaner”. Right now it looks kind of messy.

  3. spankie

    Do you guys know the text gets cut off on the left by the orange sidebar? I’m using IE with a 1280 X 768 res. LOVE YOUR SITE DAILY!

  4. This shit looks hot!

  5. I love it! Kudos to the designer and to Miu for the great website.

  6. I love the new design! It keeps getting better on your site…this is a daily read for me. Thanks for the entertainment!

  7. ksaw

    Sorry Miu, but I really don’t like it. It’s so big and in your face. I can’t stand but 5 seconds of it. The sidebar also cut off some of the text to the left.

  8. Font is annoying

    nice site, just change the font to something straighter.

  9. Concetta

    Ditto that the text gets cut off on the left by the orange sidebar. I’m using IE with a 1280 X 768 res as well. And the list of links to other blogs only shows up some of the time – and I’ve cleared my cache twice.

    Love it, hon. I just got done changing my desktop bkgd to a sunny orange and then saw your site. We must be thinking alike!

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