Adiós Casanova, you may be gone but you won’t be far… [Project Runway]

Michael Kors, in all of his mystic tan glory, oversaw a resort wear look challenge this week on Project Runway, which certainly brought out some interesting pieces.  After sketching their looks and buying fabric, it was revealed designers would be teamed up and each partner would have to construct the others look.  …Excuse me?  Here are the highlights and lowlights, summed up into 5:

Mondo Guerra and Michael Costello unite.  Mondo was initially horrified to have been matched up with Michael C, telling Michael that his sewing skills suck and complaining over lunch about how he, himself, should just quit.  Michael stuck to his guns, remained patient and polite, asked Mondo for detailed instruction, and ended up tailoring Mondo’s look quite nicely.   Now Mondo’s look in itself was reminiscent of Katy Perry’s discards making their way to Goodwill. He ended up admitting he was a jerk in thinking poorly of Michael C and apologized for having trash talked him.  The two even sat arm in arm, cuddling on a couch at the end of the show.

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Ivy is a bitch.  Just in case you didn’t know.  Michael Drummond had to construct her look, and although he admitted his tailoring skills were lacking, he did seem to try his best.  Beyond the fact that she apparently had to “dumb down” her look for Michael D to execute it, the actual design was a giant, bland yawn.  The challenge was resort wear, not a wood nymph costume for the local medieval society festival.  I agree with Michael Kors, you are simply a seamstress Ivy. Stop throwing other people under the bus for your poor choices in design, fabric, and color.Andy South made a nifty one piece swimsuit with a matching wrap.  Leave it to the Hawaiian to design the one and only swimsuit.  The color choices were unique, the design was flattering and appealing, and the execution performed by Valerie Mayen was excellent.  I question if perhaps he should have won.April Johnston wins, and actually smiles.  She described her design by stating, “I’m taking this resort wear to an asylum.”  OK April, we’ll work on being PC next time, but props on creating an intriguing look.  Not all resorts are filled with women running around in “punky babydoll” outfits, but April stayed true to her aesthetic and designed a sexy, playful piece.Oh Casanova, you will be missed… although you do say you live around the corner.  In the words of Michael Kors, in reference to Casanova’s design, “It’s like you’re making something for a 70 year old to go sit in a mall and then get home early to watch TV….. it’s for a hooker or a grandmother going up a wheelchair ramp.”  If the model’s hair and make-up had been done in a more youthful manner, the overall look would have improved;  but the overwhelming influence known as his grandmother certainly took the reigns.  Now as for Casanova’s parting words, “Sad?  Zero.  Disappointed?  A quart.”