Adele & Simon Konecki Show Off Just How Much Little Angelo Has Grown Up

OK, I am aware that that is not the most flattering picture of Adele because her eyes are closed, but this isn’t about Adele right now.

This is about Angelo Konecki and how freaking cute he is, and this was the cutest of the cute. Little Angelo was spotted in London yesterday enjoying a stroll in London with his famous mommy and his daddy, Simon Konecki. Actually, we have no way to know if he enjoyed it.

But he got to sit back in a stroller, so we’ll pretend he did. 

Fun fact guys: did you know that this is the first time we’ve see Adele, Angelo and Simon all together? They’re a pretty adorable family. Also, I can’t look at Adele in that poncho without thinking about her flasher story. Watch it below. It’s perfect.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the Adkins/Konecki family. Did you know Adkins is Adele’s last name? I just learned that from Wikipedia. Thanks internet! You should really appreciate these photos, because we might not get any again till Angelo is like 5 or something. Until then, thanks for the memories, Adele!