Adele Hides Herself From The Cameras To Watch The Legendary Prince Perform

Adele At The Golden Globes
Adele works it on the red carpet at the 2013 Golden Globes.
Everyone in the music world is just trying to succeed and get by, but that doesn’t mean that fellow musicians can’t support each other.

Adele was seen leaving the well known Ronnie Scott’s jazz club after attending one of Prince’s latest shows. The chart-topping singer seemed very set on not being noticed, as she emerged from the club surrounded by umbrellas. It may have been raining, but we still see what you’re trying to do, Adele! 

The umbrellas weren’t the only thing shielding Adele from the cameras view. Adele was sporting a gigantic black and grey patterned coat that looked much more like a huge, comfy blanket than a coat. It was impossible to see what she was wearing under it, or to detect any shape at all for that matter. A black hat pulled down over her eyes completed her “please don’t notice me” look. I have no idea why she was hiding, because there’s not doubt that she looked absolutely gorgeous under all that.

Other stars had no shame in showing themselves off to the cameras as they came in and out of Prince’s show. Celebrities like Rita Ora and Kate Moss strutted their way past the cameras without any attempts to hide. It’s no surprise that so many celebrities are coming to see Prince perform, as the shows have been getting quite a bit of attention.

Prince has been performing “guerrilla gigs” all over London, shows where he doesn’t announce the time or location until the very, very last minute. Way to keep us on our toes, Prince. Maybe the two powerhouses Adele and Prince can swap tips and learn from each other. With so much success between the two of them, who knows what kinds of magic could evolve if they were to join forces.