Adele Healed Her Voice Through The Magic Of A Swearing App

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Adele made quite an impact with hit after hit from 21, so fans held a vigil for the Grammy nominee when she had to undergo vocal surgery last November for a ruptured polyp while performing live on a French radio station, according to Reuters.

“(It was) like someone put a curtain over my throat…and I could feel it. It felt like something popped in my throat,” Adele told Anderson Cooper in an interview to air this Sunday on 60 Minutes.  Adele was put on bed rest and given strict instructions not to speak so that her vocal chords could fully heal.  The self-proclaimed pottymouth found this direction to be a bit challenging, because it meant she couldn’t talk and – more importantly – couldn’t drop an F bomb here and there.

That is when she came across a smartphone app that could do the job for her. ” The great thing is, because I love to swear, most of them (apps) you can’t swear on but I found this one app where you can swear, so I was still really getting my point across.”

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