Adele Flips An Angry Bird When Her Acceptance Speech Is Cut Off [PHOTOS]

Adele's Mouthy Moments
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The amazingly talented Adele may only be 23-years-old, but she sure doesn’t let her youth get in the way of showing her peers who is boss. Seen here, Adele and James Corden stand onstage at The Brit Awards 2012 at The O2 Arena on February 21st in London, England.

Corden was asked to interrupt Adele’s acceptance speech for Album Of The Year and introduce the British band Blur. According to Daily Mail, the crowd was not happy and continued to boo Corden as Adele flipped off the cameras saying, “Are you about to cut me off? Can I just say then, goodbye and I’ll see you next time round.” Adele later apologized to her fans, making sure to clear the air.

“I got cut off during my speech and flung the middle finger. But that finger was to the suits at the Brit Awards, not to my fans.”

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