Add Tiger Woods’ Kindergarten Teacher To The List

No, it’s not like that but Gloria Allred is now representing, yes, Tiger Woodskindergarten teacher who claims that if he is really going through a 12-step program for sex addiction, he should come clean about telling lies about her. Maureen Decker is claiming that Tiger lied about quotes that stated he was racially attacked on his first day of school, and that she did little to help him.

“If Tiger is truly following a 12-step program for a so-called sex
,” Decker said “then
he needs to apologize to all those he has hurt by his words and
actions, and that includes me, his kindergarten teacher.”

More scandal in time for the Masters! Why so silent until now? Oh right because Gloria Allred will now represent you, along with the parade of bimbos! But don’t worry, Miss Decker, I’m sure no one is calling you a bimbo.

Watch the video after the jump.