Adam Sandler Puts On David Letterman’s Shoes For A Day

Generously filling in for the ailing talk show host, Adam Sandler took on the daunting task of helming the “Late Show with David Letterman,” when a nasty stomach virus put Dave out of commission for the day. The ShowBuzz reports:

Sandler opened up with a monologue saying, “Welcome to the show, this is very big. I know you’re thinking, ‘I had no idea Dave’s son got so big… and Jewish!'”

“This is bizarre, but it’s cool,” said Sandler, as he settled into the big chair at Letterman’s desk.

The ShowBuzz also mentioned that Letterman has had replacements in the past, stating:

Guest hosts have filled in for Letterman in the past, following his emergency heart surgery in 2000 and during a four-week-long absence in 2003 due to a severe case of shingles.

That’s a bit personal, don’t you think? I’d hate to be that famous and have to explain that the reason Ellen DeGeneres was filling in for me was because my explosive diarrhea was keeping me from churning out the witty blog posts that you all love so much.