Adam Sandler Plays With His Instrument As Nicole Kidman And Jennifer Aniston Bond On ‘Just Go With It’ Set

In Adam Sandler’s Just Go With It, he plays a plastic surgeon so afraid of committing to Brooklyn Decker he pretends he and Jennifer Aniston are married with children  so Brooklyn will leave him alone…stay with me here…

The action is moving along as the cast films in Hawaii, with plenty of kissing going on between Sandler and Aniston while Brooklyn looks on (see? it was worth it).

Nicole Kidman arrives and, with the little we know about her character and the look on Sandler’s face, I’m guessing she plays a crazy girl. Jen’s character looks like she’s sympathetic to crazy girl during their one on one scene and, holy cow, a actress whose forehead moves. Hopefully it didn’t confuse Nicole too much during filming.

While Sandler plays with his ukelalue in between takes, Jennifer and Nicole have been chatting it up on set. It doesn’t look like they are going to be hanging out all the time, though, as they take separate golf carts home after the scene.