Adam Levine Introduces 222 Brand

Most women want to rip Adam Levine’s clothes off, pin him down and cover him with kisses, but he’s hoping women and men will let him keep his clothes on and instead allow him to cover them in style as he ventures into the musician turned fashion designer realm.

Joining the ranks of Madonna and Victoria Beckham, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine has announced that he will release the 222 brand, a collaboration between his father, M. Fredric owner (an L.A. based line of boutiques), Aristotle Circa (Levine’s personal stylist) and Sami Cooper (a distant cousin who owns the manufacturing company).

The line is “very simple and pure and durable. Jeans, T-shirts and a leather
jacket. That’s all I need. I think it’s always fun to be the most
underdressed person in a room. There will be no bedazzling in this
collection. I like subtlety in design,” he said in an interview with WWD. Levine demonstrates his support of the casual look while spotted having lunch in LA.

222 derives from Levine’s good luck number — the address where he and his band mates recorded their first demo.

Although he plans on using his fame to help nudge the collection into the lime light, he’s always had an interest in fashion. “I think it says something about yourself and, whether you care about
clothes or not, what you wear reflects some kind of attitude towards
style,” said the self-proclaimed un-masculine dresser.

Expect to see 222 on-stage at Maroon 5 concerts… and perhaps his and hers matching ensembles so he can easily identify his latest flames.