Adam Levine Gives Jessica Simpson Text Messsage Kiss Off

March 9th, 2006 // 12 Comments

How did Jessica Simpson‘s love affair with Maroon 5′s lead singer Adam Levine end? With a text message. Now that’s harsh.

A report set for publication in this week’s edition of ‘The Star’ will detail that poor Jessica Simpson was dumped by Adam with a cell phone text message.

Reportedly, the weekly has this item set: Adam Levine lets Jessica Simpson know it’s over – with a few short taps on his keypad that said “Really busy. Need Space.”

It all started when Levine blew-off their Valentine’s Day date as Jess pressured him for answers. It took a while to sink in and when it did, she told her best friend, “I just got dumped.” And by text message, no less. Ouch!

Not that Simpson will have trouble finding companionship. A source tells Star that she and British heartthrob Jude Law have been calling each other non-stop – even though they’re thousands of miles apart.

Mr. Law can’t seem to get enough of the buxom blonde. He has been texting, emailing and phoning Jessica Simpson nonstop. Jude is telling her that he “hungers for her.” Don’t fall under the spell of the Law, he’s been known to sleep around. Come to think of it, she has too. Okay, go ahead and just do ‘em for the sex.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    I think this whole story is a bunch of bullshit. I dont know why but I just do.

  2. Gossipwhore

    True or not this dumb whore deserves everything her needy ass gets… I used to love her when I first saw Newlyweds I and then she started to show her true clingy needy selfish self… and I really hated it when both she and Nick made videos and he was upset about his budget and she just flaunted her succes in his face and never once tried to be sympathetic to him… bad wife… I actually hope this is true and Adam kicker her ass to the curb. All these guys in Hollywood only want a piece of her ass – they all got to see the kind of wife she is and they don’t want that just her Pu**Y…

  3. getreal

    Didn’t she tell Nick that she wanted a divorce through an e-mail?

  4. susiegrl

    I guess Papa Joe left the part about her getting ridden hard and put away wet by every guy in Hollywood, and how NO, they don’t do it because they love her for her BRAIN, out of the birds and the bee’s speech he gave his little princess years ago.

  5. Kelsey

    How ironic, considering she dumped Nick via Text Message.


  6. silvarga

    Well, now we know who the Day-after-Vday Blind item was about…


    Hi. Is this a chatroom for singles? I’m 76 and lookin and I still got it baby! My Husband died a month ago and I need some hard rough lovin. I’m open to all…positions that is. Write back while I’m hot and while I’m in heat. Lets get this room hot, steamy and funky…pu**y!!!!!!

  8. Rumor

    Uh Oh! What was THAT!!!

  9. Rumor

    Sorry… back to the subject at hand, I was so shocked by that last post.

    You know, when I watched “The Newlyweds,” I was hugely disappointed with Jessica Simpson’s parents. Her father reminded me of one of those small-time rinky dink country pastors who is trying to make a quick buck. I didn’t sense his reverence for God or his humility. If he was all that religious, he would still be pastoring a church and not chasing fame for his girls.

    I said on another post: Jessica and Nick will look back one day and regret their divorce. I believe that because although Nick has some flaws, honey, he’s very workable. She doesn’t realize what she had, and she doesn’t know what is out there yet. She is desperately lacking the skills for a relationship. Men and women have to reciprocate loving and giving, and Jessica is quite self-centered and spoiled. I blame her parents for that.

    If Jessica ever reaches her potential and grows up, Nick is going to see her in full bloom and think, “God if only she could have been like this then.” You know Nick was really in love with Jessica when he married her.

    I hate to see people hurt, but I think Jessica is in for a lot of ups and downs romantically. She’s bound to feel the pain because she’s going to have to live and learn so that she can mature. Then maybe one day she will be ready to try marriage again and succeed. Unfortunately, it just won’t be with Nick.

  10. Julie

    how classy is that

  11. angela

    i am so happy if adam dumped jessica, pussy must not be that good. that dump stupid immature bitch needs to leave and never come back so we will not have to to hear anything about her. i just read her publist quit, cannot deal with jessica’s father, the lying minster.

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