Adam Lambert’s New Album Will Be Like Ear Candy. Mmmmh.

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert is prepping for his debut album, set to be released next month. reports that Lambert is dropping hints to his fans on what to expect, as well as his struggle with the album’s sound.

Working with everyone from Pink to Idol’s own Kara DioGuardi,
Lambert was able to just let go of any inhibitions about the album.  He
didn’t box himself into a genre, but instead let the album go in all
sorts of different directions.

‘”The album will span many genres’, Lambert said, so he doesn’t get stuck
in one lane. ‘I don’t think an album has to have one sound. … I don’t
like boxing myself into a genre,’ he said. ‘But if I had to pick one
major style, the classic-rock stuff is where I was most comfortable on
the show — or at least that’s what people saw me as the most.'”

“‘I wanna rock, I want people to dance.  I want people to cry, I want people to smile and laugh,’ he said. ‘I wanna play dress-up!'”

Yeah!!! I love playing dress-up! For the record, I voted yes to Glambot Lambert on American Idol.

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