Adam Lambert’s ‘Glamily’ Is Close But Will Cut A Bitch

Everything these days has a pet name, so why shouldn’t Adam Lambert’s fans? I’m assuming inspired by the name of his tour, Glam Nation, Lambert aficionados have rechristened themselves part of the ‘Glamily.’

Glamily members from across the world slept outside of New York City’s Nokia Theatre for his sold out performances (see gallery below for photos from the concert), brandishing homemade signs, snacks and travelling in packs to use the bathroom at a nearby McDonald’s, which truly would have been one of the brighter moments of my McDay.

Fans from Denmark, Venezuela, England, Japan and Singapore mingled with Georgia peaches, Connecticut natives and Californians, making Adam’s Glam Nation a truly international affair.

Some fans clearly got their priorities in order, like Claudia Cohill – an insane person. “I was still stalking Paul McCartney for a while. I was on his website all the time, but now … sorry, Paul. Adam’s taken your place,” she said. Watch the video after the jump.

Others said they made friends, but there will be no tolerance for shoving or cutting in line. “I’m willing to cut a bitch!” one fan joked, we think.