Adam Lambert Reacts To ‘American Idol’ Results

Kris Allen may have walked off with the top prize for American Idol last night, but don’t cry for Adam Lambert. The runner-up has nothing but good things to say about his experience on the reality TV series and is hopeful for his future in the music industry.

“I got to sing with Queen and with KISS. I mean, first or second, it doesn’t matter to me–I got to sing with two great, heroic rock bands,” Lambert said backstage after the results were announced.

And don’t expect this to be the last you’ll hear of the over-the-top singer. Lambert admits to having already received “a couple” of offers and said of his plans for the future, “My dream now is to make a really dope record. Do something new. Push the boundaries a little bit. Push people’s buttons. Open people’s minds up a little bit.”

That’s fabulous. As long as he doesn’t ever sing this again.

Gallery Info: Adam Lambert singing with KISS.