Adam Lambert Knows How To Rock The Studded Codpiece

March 7th, 2010 // 20 Comments

Holy Mother of God. That’s a codpiece that could do some serious damage.

Adam Lambert was back to being his subtle self during a performance during Friday night’s Mardi Gras celebration in Sydney, Australia. Watch Adam work that codpiece in the video of Adam performing “For Your Entertainment” after the jump.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. James

    And his performance and outfit was tame compared to everyone else’s haha!

  2. 2t2tag

    he is just too cute for words. i would have loved to have been the one to help him into those tights, oh yeah, it would have taken a while to make sure they were on just right.

  3. Stella

    It’s unfortunate that this outfit would be considered indecent in the US.

    All Hail Australia’s Mardi Gras!

    I want Adam to wear this outifit in concert. He makes being a fan exciting and fun. It’s about time guys get outrageous again and not leave it all to the ladies.

  4. Tarre

    This is the best gallery of pictures ever taken. OMG, what else is that man capable of doing? Guess we’ll have to wait and see–he is the most adorable man on the planet.

  5. Castorella

    Let’s all just move to Australia! They have the good stuff there \0/

    If I haven’t seen him in those pants before, I would’ve questioned them being pants at all. Sure looks painted on. …You know what, I think I’ll just stick to my paint-on theory. It’s more ~fun that way.

  6. Frenchy

    OMG, too hot for words. he has to wear this when he goes on tour in the states!

  7. Sasha

    What’s with the girdle? He’s too chunky for spandex.

  8. Wicked Glitter

    I will be expecting all of these photos to be turned into posters by Christmas. If he wears that outfit on tour here in the U.S. there gonna have to put an electric fence around him to stop grabby hands. He better keep that codpiece behind the fence!

  9. Wicked Glitter

    @sasha, to chunky? That isn’t fat your seeing honey.

  10. PJ

    He was fabulous and really grateful to be there.
    Kelly Rowland looked absolutely gorgeous.
    Goerge Michael only performed half a song! Lol, everyone was cracked pretty out though.

  11. renate

    Oh look and see a MALE Madonna

  12. renate

    Looks like MALE Madonna

  13. Montanagirl

    Adam rocks. He is one lovely man. Inside and out.

  14. Sydney Sunrise

    From this.

    To this: each url . com /ql (remove spaces!)

    in just under a day. Who sounds that beautiful hungover! Is he even human!?!

  15. michelle torres

    I to hope this outfit comes with him to the states when he does concerts! dam he is hot, talented and hot. there are so few men like that.

  16. Jory

    He is so Freakin Hot , ahhh i flove him <3

  17. uh huh

    Yep, this must have been linked at fanboard cuz there’s no way absolutely everyone thinks this is faboo. Please.

    He did, however, fit in because the venue and show was exactly that…over the top, Mardi Gras. Can’t fault him for that.

    But he sure does seem to have some issues of worrying about peeps noticing his privates…seems kinda insecure.

    Whatevs…he’s just not all that….decent talent, not world changing.

  18. laura

    Wow! I’m just going to say this “My husband will be happy tonight!” Oh my gosh, I just love that thing! Cod Peice? Is that what you call it? It is about time the women of the world get to enjoy a little indecent exposure. And this is tame compared to all those sex magazines out there! Just love you Adam!!!!

  19. Rachel

    All you girls drooling over this guy….you are aware he’s very gay, right? Not that being gay would take away from his looks, but it sure takes away from him being sexy to a normal female. A straight female lusting after a gay man is so wrong. Yuck. And that’s what he thinks of you too…Bigger Yuck. Not only that he wears more makeup than Kim Kardashian. Is that the kind of men that turn you on? BIGGEST YUCK!! lol

  20. jimmy dawson
    Commented on this photo:

    Good for him..About time some of the best of the gay entertainers got the balls to open up and show their STUFF. I don’t particularly like Adam, but I give him kudos for doing so.

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