Adam Lambert Joins ‘It Gets Better Project’

Adam Lambert is one of the first celebrity faces to sign on to sex columnist Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better Project.” The site collects videos from LGBT adults in which they tell their stories in order to encourage youth who are bullied or feel they don’t fit in.

In his heartfelt message, the openly gay singer says, “At the end of
the day, if you give those bullies and those people that are so
ignorant and fearful of your lifestyle, if you give them the power to
affect you, you’re letting them win and they don’t deserve that. What you’re doing by being who you are is you’re keeping it real
and you’re being really brave. I believe in you, I think it’s great.
There are a ton of us out here in this world that are just like you
that believe in you.” Watch the video after the jump.

I’m tearing up, and you?

Lambert, pictured in Auckland, NZ yesterday on his Glam Nation tour, ends his message by saying even after finding worldwide fame, he has still been taunted and bullied, but he chooses not to let it affect him.

“You have to be strong, and you have to pay attention to the positive,
and in doing so, you will push through, and you will rise up, and you
will live your life to the fullest. It gets better, but it’s up to you.” Loves it.