Adam Lambert Flaunts It, Considers Gene Simmon’s Hypocrisy

I love this ode to sunglasses with Adam Lambert in Flaunt Magazine! It’s so much fun and he looks great! The Herald Sun sun met up with Lambert right after her purchased his other fun accessory for his Sydney show.

“It’s actually a G-string with a leather pouch and studs on it,” Lambert explained. Hot. The American Idol runner-up has no problem being himself and proud of his sexuality as he navigates his post reality show career. “I think just being visible and proud of who I am gives the right message,” Lambert said.

Not everyone has embraced Lambert’s message and that includes Gene Simmons.  Lambert has words for the hypocrite who he performed a duet with on Idol.

“For someone to criticise me talking about my sexuality and say, ‘America doesn’t care about what you do behind closed doors and it’s going to kill your career,’ well that’s funny because all he talks about is how many women he’s slept with,” Lambert said. Well said! And I know it’s not your birthday, but I saw this and I thought of you.