Adam Lambert Drunk Bonds With Lady Gaga And Shoots A New Video

March 26th, 2010 // 8 Comments

Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga realized over whiskeys that the two are “cut from a similar cloth,” Glambert said. The singer will also come off the heels Lady G’s new glammed out video for “Telephone” with a new one of his own for the single “If I Had You.”

“We had a couple of whiskeys and traded stories about life and music
in the studio,” Lambert told the Daily Record of his Gaga encounter.

“She did theater for a while, too, and she got into the club kid scene in New York and I did in LA. We had a similar experience and it’s a compliment to be dubbed the male version of her.”

The two have collaborated on his album For Your Entertainment. Meanwhile, Adam’s music video shoots next month so can he please take some cues from “Telephone” too? Please?! 

By Lola Robertson

  1. Mel

    All needs is some red lipstick to complete his clown look!!

  2. kumulus

    Awww, Mel, can’t you play nice in the sandbox? Can’t wait for Adam’s new video!! Love you, Ad!!!

  3. ophu

    Envy suits you, Mel :D

  4. TomTom

    I would dub him the male version of Liza Minelli. He looks just like her.

  5. johnny

    Yep. It’s Liza with an A. And he does need a brighter lip color to make these photos pop. Love the shawl, darling, but it’s not very “Spring” unless that shoot was done in Minsk.

  6. Tonic

    Liza Minelli? He looks nothing like her. What are you talking about?

    Looking forward to the new video. It’s great having more popular artists like Gaga and Lambert who actually do their own thing and play by their own rules.

  7. Kenni

    Lady Gaga sells albums. How is he like her?

  8. Lynn

    I was thinking the same thing, Kenni.
    The problem is that Gaga has a vision of what she wants and that translates into popular creativity and Adam is a niche’. I don’t see him having half the vision either. He just wants to be an old style glam rocker.

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