Adam Lambert Asks Concertgoer To Get Off Phone Please

You never know what you are going to get with an Adam Lambert concert. This time around the situation was less action, more talk.

At an intimate concert in New York Lambert was distracted when he spotted a concertgoer in the front chatting away on their cell. He was so distracted he stopped the show and asked the caller to cease and desist. Don’t call him a drama queen though, because the American Idol singer was very polite about it.

“Sorry, can you get off your phone? You’re yelling into it,” asked the “For Your Entertainment” singer.  Then he joked “Dominos, we deliver.” Lol, I wish we could have seen the face of rude audience member (In my head it’s an eleven year old girl, but it could have been anybody.)  See this is  why all his shows need to be televised. Watch the video after the jump.

Although that might be what confuses silly audience members who are used to watching the musician on Idol.  Before Lambert started the set over he informed the mysterious cell phone junkie “You’re not watching TV, honey. It’s a live show.”

Lambert is not one to obsess over the past so when he was asked about the incident at the G-Star show Tuesday night he said “I don’t need to rehash it! It’s all available,” he says lightly.  ” I don’t think I need to say anything.”