Adam Brody Won’t Do Gossip Girl

Adam Brody made an appearance at the premiere of “Cop Out” in New York City, and in an exclusive interview with he made it clear that his main interest right now is comedy saying, “I really like comedy. I’d like to keep doing that! Being in a sitcom seems like fun — and schedule-wise, it’s easier as well.”

Guess that means we won’t be seeing Brody reprising his role as Seth on The O.C. Nonetheless, Brody has other ambitions. He has recently taken on roles in Jennifer’s Body and In the Land of Women. And what about Gossip Girl? When asked if he would ever think about it, Brody was quick to answer, “Probably not…no!”

While it doesn’t look like he’s going to be saying goodbye to acting for awhile, Brody hopes to one day explore screenwriting, saying, “I can’t imagine going my whole life as an actor and not trting to have control of the camera just one, it seems like a blast!”