Adam Brody Searches For Elephant

August 10th, 2005 // 13 Comments

He’s not going to find one up there.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Airboy

    Ain’t gonna find it in there

  2. bb

    thats funny

    he’s really digging for gold aint he?

  3. So disappointing…I had to wake up to this?

  4. captain john funny

    miu, you know what i love about you is that you’re up early. i hate waiting for california to wake up.

  5. Freak

    He is so hot I would let him wipe that snot all over me. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  6. bleeeee

    freak, you really ARE a freak. eeew…..
    you know, no offence or anything.
    adam brody’s hair is pretty gay, but he’s ok…not when his finger is up his nose though. anyone noticed how some people just don’t have the face for aviators?

  7. That’s tasteful. When I have to take care of that kind of business, I usually try to do it within the confines of my home. You never know when someone in public may spot you doing this.

    In any event, this only adds to my longfounded conclusion that Adam Brody is rather plain and unattractive.

  8. his frekin wife

    allright….WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU PPL….dude he was totally doing that on purpose…it was a joke…duh!!!!!!!….he’s frekin gorgeous….and i am gonna marry him allright!!!!????…dont even mess with my man…and his hair is HOTT!!!!…and he’s not plain…you are plain…and unnatractive…excuse me…i bet your momma’s unnatractive……all you little girls need to um STOP!…..i will find you little women…or men….b/c no matter what adam is the hottest gorgeous perfect guy in the frekin world….so um yeah…YOUR DUMB!!!!!!…stupid little ppl

  9. someone

    wow his wife must be one really cool person…yeah…shes the coolest out of stevie…lee..and katie…yeah i think so…shes prolly really hot too…yea she is…and they are the perfect couple…yeah they are….um ok u ppl just need to back up off him…umm have u met him? no i freaking live with him and his wife and hes a super cool guy….so please just go kiss a pole ok have a nice day…unless u dont like adam…then have a real bad day:)

  10. lavern ADAM BRODY NO 1 Fan

    I love adam brody he so buff i just know i’ll meet him some day and i think it really cool he dating rachel bilson(summer) in real life and i hope he happy because if hes happy im happy
    by the way i hate zach on the oc for makin seth sad because he tryed 2 take summer but y did she go with him seth is soooo much buffer

    i love u ADAM BRODY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. His X-Girl

    Used to date him, he sadly ended it causei cheated on him im such a fool!

  12. LOL

    Yes X-Girl im sure you dated him, but we are not in neverland anymore:D

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