Adam Brody Missed Megan Fox’s Nipples

Like every other straight man in America Adam Brody has a little crush on his Jennifer’s Body co-star Megan Fox. In an interview with MTV Adam talked about Fox’s hotness and his nipple missed opportunity.

“We’ve all got a little bit of a crush on Megan Fox. You get to see a lot more sides of her [acting skills in Jennifer’s Body], not just the hotness. I think people will be very pleasantly surprised — or pissed off that she’s talented and beautiful.”

Those who are looking forward to seeing Megan Fox’s nipples in the film are going to be disappointed as Brody was. “The nudity is questionable. It’s like, What is nudity, specifically? Because if we’re talking about nipples, I don’t think there are any nipples in the movie.”

“I knew this going in, and I remember being a little disappointed — like the rest of the world. But then, I remember seeing it and having no more want for sexual activity. It’s sexual in the best way, and they did plenty with what was on the page. You’re not going to feel gypped by a lack of sexuality.”

So do you still want to see Jennifer’s Body?

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