Adam Brody Gets His Canoodle On

June 8th, 2007 // 10 Comments

While his ex, Rachel Bilson seems to be enjoying lots of quality time with her “friend” Hayden Christensen, Adam Brody has been busy getting some friendly attention of his own. Brody hung out with the young actress, Lauren German, from “Hostel II” in Beverly Hills. The two showed up together at the Tower Grove Villa, where they enjoyed a Reebok and Vitaminenergy-sponsored DJ battle. According to Page Six:

“Adam spent the entire night with Lauren. He was caressing her back and refused to be photographed with her.” A rep for Brody told Page Six, “I don’t comment on my clients’ personal lives.”

I’m just happy Adam’s no longer dating someone who looks like his sister. I mean, they were cute together, but it just looked…weird.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. S_M_G

    Himm either Adam put on a lot of weight and decided to kill his boyish looks with an awful facial hair or that picture is from a REALLY bad angle!

  2. tessa

    I love Rachel Bilson

  3. Ydntk

    Wow he has really big hands in that picture. They almost look scary they are that big.

  4. far

    i find it oddly strange that she’s actually only sitting on seats that match her inner boots!

    and i’m kinda liking those boots.

  5. Lynn

    Okay. But that chick is wearing winter gloves. Probably in a warm climate. If she were here in Michigan, oh I’d say in about Jan. or Feb., I could see the winter gloves. But it’s kind of freaking me out. Run away Adam Brody. Run far, far away.

  6. clueless

    Good thing he doesnt end with his ex OC fughead!

  7. Kyle

    His latest girl seems pretty unlike her ex who not only fuggling midget. Nice going AB!

  8. Zoe

    Bilson is the ugly duckling in OC

  9. Blair

    Adam is having getting lucky this time while Hayden still sucks w/ his taste in women…

  10. Lark

    Please quit on mentioning Adam’s trolly-ex as he got clear up his head now and got hooked up w/ someone who looks a lot more better this time…

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