Adam Brody And Rachel Bilson

April 14th, 2006 // 12 Comments

In my opinion, these two are one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. They’ve managed to stay together after working with each other for almost three years. With the popularity of The O.C. beginning to wane, it will be interesting what path each of their careers will take. Adam has a fledging film career (Thank You For Smoking), and Rachel will be starring in her first major film role in Zach Braff‘s The Last Kiss.

More photos of Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson, after the jump.

(Images via Rachel Bilson)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. NotOkay

    I love them 10x more since they adopted a pit bull!!!

  2. Paige

    ohh man Adam is just delicious and Rachel is so naturally gorgeous, I just love them together. Why can’t we see more of non-attention seeking celebs like these two instead of people like Paris and Lindsay who do nothing to float my boat what so ever.

  3. Whtsoxlvr


  4. emily

    these two are just perfect for eachother.

  5. tia

    I love them too. Adam is just to sexy to me. He is such a sexy nerd lol. Although the OC isnt too popular anymore I still love it and watch it.

  6. Passport Junkie

    nice to see her not afraid to stuff her face in public either…

    cute couple!

  7. Pheebster

    i whole-heartedly agree with paige. i like non-attention-seeking celebs, too.

  8. pooper

    i would do both of them

  9. saz

    nice to see she’s looking less skinny as she has been recently!
    Glad shes eating!
    (no meanness intended)
    Bring back the bilson curves!!
    This couple are the cutest ever

  10. mandiii

    ohh myy gosshh!! lovee them,. and i love the OC i cant believe its not going to well any more, this is the first ive heard, i dunooo what id doo without it.. officially an OCjunkie

  11. tess

    OMG, she looks like a homeless person:the oversized Salvation Army clothes, the Wal Mart sunglasses and the ripped off black piece..come’on.

  12. Duude

    Cutest couple? Ugh girl is an anorexic midget and Adam is an ass.

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