Adam Scott Gets Outdoorsy For Maxim Magazine [PHOTOS]

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The actress gets sexy for the mag
See Girl Run actor Adam Scott is looking pristine on the pages of Maxim’s latest edition! The star was photographed in luxury garments and the plaid print is returning for the fall, as are those woodsman type boots in mens fashion.

As quite the gentleman, Scott shared about his upcoming camping trip with his father a bit muddier and grimier than picturesque backdrop and outdoor feel at the the photo shoot! He is not afraid to get a little bit dirty especially after whethering some nasty lesions effecting his health while filming for an upsoming movie as we can tell, he is very much in better health.

So, what is in Scott’s closet? Scott shares with Maxim readers that although he is not an avid shopper, there is one favorite go-to brand that he says makes him feel comfortable.”I have lots of shirts. I love Band of Outsiders shirts, and I just keep purchasing them. I have nowhere to wear them—they just make me feel secure having them in my closet.” When it comes to accessorizing Scott offers his own fashion tips to readers,”Everybody put the scarves back in the drawer, unless it’s cold. Ladies with scarves? Great. Guys? Fuckin’ take it easy.” oh, and another thing, “When you walk inside, take off your fucking sunglasses. Just sayin’, take ’em off.”

It appears Scott embraced the nature in one of his recent flicks Piranha 3D. Scott seems to be at one with nature at the location but did nature love him back? Apparently the waters of Lake Havasu where the flick was filmed wasn’t kind to his skin. “I thought I had bed bugs because my whole body was itching. So I went to the Lake Havasu doctor, and he’s just like, “Nope, this is the water.” You’ve got to rub this crazy, like, gasoline on your skin to get rid of it.” Well, at least the animals in the shoot didn’t treat the comedic actor nearly as bad!

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