Adam Levine’s Ex-Girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna Shows Off Her Bikini Bod In Miami [PHOTOS]

Adam and Anne
The sexy couple dined at Mastro's last December.
Question: do people in Miami do anything but hang out on the beach in their swimsuits all day?

Or is that just what Russian models like Anne Vyalitsyna do? Anne was all about showing off her amazing beach body in Miami yesterday. The model wowed on-lookers in a cute, hot pink bikini, complete with her ass hanging out. Although it wasn’t out as much as her friend’s ass last time she hit the beach.

In case you didn’t know, Anne used to date Mr. Maroon 5 himself, Adam Levine. Oh you remember. They had those really, absurdly sexy photo shoots together. What could have possibly gone wrong?

I mean, isn’t it a rule that super attractive people have to be together forever? And let’s be honest here, you don’t get much more attractive than Anne, the Russian model, and Adam, the American singer. Well, as long as they’ve moved on to equally hot people we’re OK with that. Not that we’re shallow at all, mind you.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Anne’s perfect bikini-bod. Does looking at pictures of perfect bodies inspire you to get one like theirs, or to go eat a tub of ice cream because you know you’ll never achieve that level of perfection? Let us know in the comments. Now if you’ll excuse me, my freezer is calling my name.