Adam Levine To Be ‘People’s’ Sexiest Man Alive, We Celebrate With Gifs!

We all knew that Adam Levine was sexy, but now People Magazine has gone and confirmed it for us.

Gossip Cop has reported that Adam will be named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People. When reached, a rep for People magazine told Gossip Cop, “We’re not commenting on that right now.”

To celebrate, lets revisits Adam at his goofiest and sexiest best with gifs! Check them out below.

Here I am!

Did you know that I’m an actor?

That was kind of embarrassing.

But, I’ll give that one thumb up.

Okay, maybe two thumbs up.

Check out my body.

Hmm. Sexy.

Dance party time!

I love arm dancing!

I also have this sexy head move.

I can put a little sway in to that move too.

I have other talents as well.

Ha! That was awesome!

I’ve been known to be a little selfish at times.

I’m not sure what to think of that?

Sometimes when I talk I close my eyes for a second.

I like working on cars too.

Sometimes I smile for no reason at all.

I like showing off my tongue every now and then.

And sometimes I like showing off a lot of tongue.

Find out how Adam became the sexiest man of 2013 in the video below.